Young, Fresh and Relevant

is a yearly open submission journal with the aim of carving a space for writing within the visual arts. YFR hopes to be accessible for a new generation of young (in their practice rather than age) artists who may never have had their writing published, as well as aiming to attract practitioners who are more familiar with the Art Writing / publishing scene.


There is currently no open call but email us anyway
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YFR is in Brussels! Check us out at Be-Part Waregem Artist`s Book Fair Sunday 5th May alongside La Houle.

Issue 2 is no longer available to order from the website but there are still a couple of copies left from the Material Verlag for those based in Germany.

Our friends at Gloria Glitzer are taking us on tour with them. Check out their stand at The Book Affair May 29-31, 2013 San Lorenzo, Venice

Issue 3

"The whole thing was a stomach ache she‘d been vaguely aware of all day. Now she felt her spine getting hard, that flexible column with its loose joints one above the other was turning into a broomstick. Her back was stiff as a poker but no more stable than a vertical paper fold."

Benjamin Burtenshaw, Sophie Marie Hammer, Emily Ilett, Rebecca Jagoe, Becky Johnson and Christopher Piegza, Catherine Alisa Jones, Franziska Kabisch, Nick Koppenhagen, Andra Quitzimouche, Maru Rojas, Magdalena Schrefel, Katharina Schücke, Thea Smith, Miroslava Svolikova, Marie Toseland, Ellen Wilkinson

Jen Calleja and Judith Rosenthal

Thomas Korf and Sebastian Kokus

184 x 138 mm Perfect bound
Letterpress and Risograph
Edition: 250
Pages: 68
Paper: 100 g/ m Munken Lynx

Issue 2

"I think quite a lot about skinned testicles. Today I had poached eggs, which I made in the proper way. This is the second time I have done this; the first time they resembled a botched abortion and were inedible."

Ana Brotas, Elena Colman, Pola Fendel, Rae Hicks, Rebecca Jagoe, Catherine Alisa Jones, Grace Miceli, Alice Peragine, Maru Rojas and Liv Schulman.

Jen Calleja, Charlotte Joerden and Tilman Junghans.

A5 Staple bound
Letterpress and inkjet
Edition: 200
Pages: 32
Paper: 90 g/ m Biotop

Issue 1

"Six feet something in his stocking feet, with hair slightly longer and clothes slightly scruffier than his mother would have liked, a boy sits in the corner of a room at a party. He waits for people to approach him. At the tender age of twenty he's writing an autobiography. 'It's going to be better than on the road,' he sniffs."

David Berridge, Benjamin Burtenshaw, Elena Colman, Noi Furer, Rebecca Jagoe, Guthrie Mitton-McKellar, Tony Rickaby, Chloe Stead, Becca Voelcker and Paul Wasserman.

A5 Staple bound
Letterpress and inkjet
Edition: 60
Pages: 24
Paper: 120 g/ m Biotop

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